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Vs Super Mario Bros: Mushroom Nightmare Kingdom

By Mike Jan 03, 2018
Vs Super Mario Bros for the arcade is that nightmare you have when you've been up all night playing Super Mario Bros on your NES. At first you're just running along 1-1 grabbing various mushrooms, hitting warp zones without a care in the world. But…

Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara

By Dan Dec 21, 2017
I can't say that Shadows Over Mystara was a game I ever played as a teenager growing up in the 90s. I'm not even sure if I even saw it in the arcade. With that said, I'm definitely glad I played through it once and…

Metal Slug 1

By Dan Nov 30, 2017
Metal Slug 1 is a game I was very excited to play. In general, I did not play enough of the Metal Slug games as a kid. The primary reason I didn't play the Metal Slug series is due to the fact that they ate…