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Dan Bochichio is a classic game loving web developer from New York. Dan once considered himself to be a hardcore gamer but as the gaming industry moved on, he found it difficult to continue with it. Today, Dan finds himself falling back to the classics of my childhood. His favorite games are from the 80s and early 90s arcade and select home-consoles.

Bubble Bobble Map
Mike vs Dan

Bubble Bobble Competition Update (Dan)

Mike and I are halfway through our Bubble Bobble competition. Even though we have both played far too many hours of this game in the past, I think we can both agree that we’ve played far too much Bubble Bobble in the last 7 days, and we’ve got another 7 to go.

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Bubble Bobble
FeaturedMike vs Dan

Mike vs Dan #1: Bubble Bobble

The first game in the Mike vs Dan game competition will be Bubble Bobble. We’re competing for Bubble Bobble high scores! This is a game that we both played as children quite often. In fact, we still play this game together, more than two decades later. It does not get old. With any luck… that’s about to change!

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