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Vs Super Mario Bros: Mushroom Nightmare Kingdom

Vs Super Mario Bros for the arcade is that nightmare you have when you’ve been up all night playing Super Mario Bros on your NES.

At first you’re just running along 1-1 grabbing various mushrooms, hitting warp zones without a care in the world. But then suddenly the world transforms into a horror of nigh uncrossable gaps, bullet bills appearing mid-jump, and dark castles full of spinning flames and oddly placed gaps in the floor.

Vs SMB 6-3 long jump

How did I even get here?

Then you run out of quarters and you wake up.

Or if you’re playing on the Switch or MAME, the nightmare continues for as long as your patience can suffer repeated failure. You have the advantage of using the emulator’s save feature though, and eventually may triumph, in the cheesiest way possible.

The game might pause to connect to the Internet for some reason though.

That’s how it feels at first anyway. Once you complete world 6, the highest level accessible by Warp Zone, the game isn’t too much more difficult than the NES version, if at all.  World 8 is pretty much identical. I could find no discernable difference.

Vs SMB 8-4 Lava

“This jump was timed so perfectly I should screenshot iiiit oh shiiiiit!”

Like all Mario games, the obstacles are consistent and predictable. Practice long enough, and perfect the timings, and you can theoretically beat the whole in with one quarter. I wouldn’t know though. My best run brought me to 6-4 Bowser on my last life. I made the mistake of going high instead of low, and got a hammer to the face.

Vs SMB continue

Insert coin to go back 3 levels

I did reach the end eventually using save states at the beginning of each level. It has actually gotten to the point that the “Lost Level” portions are not too hard for me. By speeding through as fast as possible it ensures that the timings remain conssistent. If you go slowly and carefully the koopas and troopas will be in different positions each time you reach them.

On the Switch (or MAME) it is easy enough to pick up the game whenever to try a run.  My goal is still to reach the end in a single quarter, and hopefully someday I will have the chance to do that on a legit arcade cabinet.

Vs SMB high scores

Maybe I can even beat the score of legendary “Super Player” AAA.

That’s the dream.

Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara
Gaming Babble

Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara

I can’t say that Shadows Over Mystara was a game I ever played as a teenager growing up in the 90s. I’m not even sure if I even saw it in the arcade. With that said, I’m definitely glad I played through it once and I look forward to giving it another playthrough in the future.

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Metal Slug 1 for MAME
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Metal Slug 1

Metal Slug 1 is a game I was very excited to play. In general, I did not play enough of the Metal Slug games as a kid. The primary reason I didn’t play the Metal Slug series is due to the fact that they ate quarters faster than most games. As a youth with limited funds and limited arcade access, the Metal Slug arcade games were simply not an option.

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Arcade Cabinet Lineup
Gaming Babble

We Love the Arcade

We Love the Arcade is blog where we’ll discuss and play classic arcade games and home-ports of popular arcade games. Follow us through competitions where two childhood friends of 25+ years duke it out on some of the greatest, and not-so-great games to ever be released.