Bubble Bobble
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Mike vs Dan #1: Bubble Bobble

The first game in the Mike vs Dan game competition will be Bubble Bobble. We’re competing for Bubble Bobble high scores! This is a game that we both played as children quite often. In fact, we still play this game together, more than two decades later. It does not get old. With any luck… that’s about to change!

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NES Controller
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Pairing the NES30 Pro with Amazon Fire TV

NES30 PRO Controller works great on the Amazon Fire TV, 2nd generation without root. This great bluetooth controller can be remapped for multiple games and programs.

Getting it to work was a bit tricky at first, but once you see how easy it is to pair this controller to the Amazon Fire TV, you too will be able to enjoy the classics!

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Arcade Cabinet Lineup
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We Love the Arcade

We Love the Arcade is blog where we’ll discuss and play classic arcade games and home-ports of popular arcade games. Follow us through competitions where two childhood friends of 25+ years duke it out on some of the greatest, and not-so-great games to ever be released.