Metal Slug 1 is a game I was very excited to play. In general, I did not play enough of the Metal Slug games as a kid. The primary reason I didn’t play the Metal Slug series is due to the fact that they ate quarters faster than most games. As a youth with limited funds and limited arcade access, the Metal Slug arcade games were simply not an option.

Luckily, with modern technology, playing Metal Slug 1 today doesn’t have to cost you your monthly lunch money savings!

I played through the first game, end to end, without any breaks. Metal Slug (SNK) is a side scrolling game with tons of guns, explosions, and crazy vehicles. What’s not to love? The levels are pretty sure, and with infinite quarters, the price is right!

My favorite part of Metal Slug has got to be the sound effects. Gameplay is constantly filled with the sounds of gun fire, collapsing landscape, and death cries of your enemies.

Screenshot from the Metal Slug game

I had no idea what I was getting myself into…

Gameplay Screenshot from the Metal Slug game

The game can get pretty crazy sometimes.

Screenshot from the Metal Slug game

I destroyed a ship.

Gameplay Screenshot from Metal Slug 1 for MAME

Here it is, the Final Mission!

Gameplay Screenshot from Metal Slug 1 for MAME

Here’s an action shot from the battlefield.

Gameplay Screenshot from Metal Slug 1 for MAME

Mission Complete!

After just 40 continues, I beat the first Metal Slug game!

Now.. on to Metal Slug 2 … hopefully it won’t take me 40 continues to beat it.


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Dan Bochichio is a web designer living in upstate New York. Dan grew up gaming on a regular basis. Eventually, he stopped buying new consoles and started buying older consoles. Today, Dan finds himself falling back to the classics of his childhood. His favorite games are from the 80s and early 90s arcade and select home-consoles.

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