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The arcade directory aims to help answer the question, "Where can I find arcades near me?"

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Why are we offering a free business listing?

We LOVE the ARCADE is dedicated to keeping the arcade alive by sharing arcade related video, news, gaming competitions, tournaments, classic remakes, and anything else we need to do to keep today's gamers looking back at yesterday's classics.


About the "Last Century Gaming Blog"

The authors of We Love the Arcade, Mike and Dan, are products of the 1980s and gamed extensively throughout their lives. Many late evenings were spent at each other's homes playing video games. They still continue to game together today, but less frequently, as 3,000 miles of dirt, trees, and water sit between their game consoles.

Flash forward nearly a decade later, and here we are again - ready to embark on another classic gaming website.

We'll share memories from the arcade, gaming news that pertains to the classic era, and any amazing grabs we find on Craigslist and other sites.

The information you find throughout the website is based on our memories and experiences. We hope you'll explore our website and share your memories from an arcade, favorite games, and high scores with us.

8-Bit Dan

Who is Dan?

In 2008, Dan built Old School Apps, a website dedicated to abandonware DOS games. The website offered hundreds of pages in resources and downloads for classic gamers. The majority of games on Old School Apps were from 1990s with some games dating back to the mid 1980s.

Dan favors games which offer an addictive "Just one more play!" feeling. It's probably a good thing that Dan doesn't like casinos.

8-Bit Mike

Who is Mike?

Mike was a regular writer on Old School Apps and played newly released games on a regular basis to review on the website. We even managed to get a press pass for industry events so Mike could get then perks that went along with it.