The first game in the Mike vs Dan game competition will be Bubble Bobble. We’re competing for Bubble Bobble high scores! This is a game that we both played as children quite often. In fact, we still play this game together, more than two decades later. It does not get old. With any luck… that’s about to change!

For the next two weeks, Mike and myself will be competing in Bubble Bobble (released by Taito in 1986) for the arcade. Whoever can achieve the highest score in Bubble Bobble wins the competition. We’ll only be allowed a single play-through without any use of continues. Just for fun, we’ll also take note of which player made it furthest in the game.

Bubble Bobble high scores

We may post during the competition with our progress, experiences, or frustrations with the game. You can expect some screenshots and recorded gameplay to accompany these posts.

Seeing how this is the first game competition, I picked a game we were both familiar with to make sure our gaming environments fine-tuned. Mike will get to select the next game we compete against each other on.

I know Mike isn’t thrilled about having to play the arcade version of this game, but this is We Love the Arcade after all. Our next challenge very well may be Bubble Bobble for the original Nintendo! Hopefully it isn’t or I’ll retaliate by selecting Dr. Mario, a game that I’m a known (among my peers) champion in. It’s a game Mike also stands no chance in toppling my scores in.

Back to the competition!

In just about two weeks, at the end of the day on August 18th, we’ll have a post with the results with the Bubble Bobble high scores we achieved and the winner will be declared. There’s no prize currently, besides bragging rights of course. That might in future challenges, but seeing how this is the first, we just want to get started with it.