There hasn’t been an update on our blog lately, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been slacking off. In fact, the opposite. We had another project brewing, an arcade list and map.

We LOVE the ARCADE is an arcade map for locally owned and operated arcades. The arcade list features arcades, bar arcades, pinball halls, and gaming centers.

Just recently, we merged Bring Back the Arcade with We LOVE the ARCADE. This will let me put more exposure on both projects while creating a larger resource for fans of the arcade.

Arcade Directory

At the time of writing this, the arcade list and directory has over 220 arcade locations listed on it. A majority of these are in the United States, but across to Europe and Asia.

Anyone can submit their favorite local arcade to the arcade directory, and the arcade directory is free for business owners/arcade operators to use. You can establish a profile for your business and attract new players to your arcade. It really is 100% free to do and will remain that way forever. The goal of the arcade directory is to keep local arcades Live and discoverable.

Let’s force a new generation of gamers to fall in love with the arcade, like we did.

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